Question of the Day!
If I get a speeding ticket and I pay promptly or, attend a driving class to reduce the points counted against me, will it still raise my insurance?

Answer: YES! No matter how many points your ticket is or how fast you pay, it will hurt your insurance rates for 3 YEARS. Use those cruise control buttons my friends and enjoy the views of our beautiful state a little more! Your wallet will thank you for it.

Good Student Discount

It seems like we have been adding quite a few young drivers to policies as of late, so we thought we’d share this great tip that will help keep those rates down for you. We have seen the good sudent discount save some folks upwards of $100 a month! In order to qualify for the good student discount, the young driver must maintain either a 3.0 or “B” average and be between 16-24 years old. Parents, don’t be afraid to hold this over their heads! You’d be surprised what your teens would do for that set of wheels and their good grades will help keep your budget in check.